Food Concessions

During the Keaukaha Kalikimaka Craft Fair, a variety of ono homemade and well priced food will be available throughout the event. Food will be prepared by the Ke Ana La'ahana class of 2012 and will benefit their own Graduation. Food will vary from "DA BEST" Spam,Eggs and rice plate to a nice cup of coffee, tea, or water to prepare you for the great day ahead (breakfast from 8:00 till 10:00am). From 10:00am till 2:00pm they will be serving homemade shoyu chicken along with fresh spam musubis, ono chili, nachos, hot dogs and chili dogs, all available for no more than $5.00! (while supplies last). Come and support the Ke Ana La'ahana Class of 2012 at the concession stand and have an ono meal while bonding with the local community.


            Breakfast –

                        Spam & Eggs with rice $3.00

                        Coffee (all drinks $1.00)






                        Shoyu Chicken Plate $5.00  (Chicken, Rice, Corn)


                        Chili Bowl - $3.00

                        Nachos & Cheese - $3.00

                        Nachos, Chili, Cheese - $3.00

                        Hot Dogs - $1.00

                        Chili Dog - $2.00