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Portagee Horseshoes

One item for sale at the Keaukaha Kalikimaka Craft Fair is Portagee Horseshoes.

Portagee Horseshoe is a game that is all about strategies. To play you would need a partner and two horseshoe boxes. Both of the boxes have to be made out of wood. The 1st horseshoe box needs to be the same measurement as the second horseshoe box. Then once you have made your two Portogee horseshoes boxes, take one of them and use a sharp object/tool to cut a medium sized hole in the middle of the box, soon as you done that do the same to the second box. This is a long process but if you have played this before it should not take that long. Also you would need what we call washers. You would need at least 8 washers, 4 for you and 4 for your partner but at least 4 of the washers need to be a color so when your washers drop you will not get mixed up with your partners. There are 2 ways to play this game 1) you can play by your self and vs another person, 2) you can play with a partner and vs another person and his partner. This is a fun game to play at the beach, or at your house or any where.The rules to this game the boxes needs to be 16ft apart, the scoring is easy: 

Throw your rings to the other box and if it lands on the board that is 1 point.
If the ring lands half in the whole and half on the board that is 2 points.
If it lands in the whole that is 3 points.
If it leans on the back board that is 2 points.
If you get it on the back board you get 5 points.
And if you make it the second time you automatic win no if's or butts. 

It is very popular over here and once you have mastered the game you can look for people and play them!